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Welcome to the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering, a newly established department at IBU that focuses on teaching and research in various fields in Bioengineering and the Natural Sciences.  Bioengineering and the natural sciences are emerging and constantly advancing and developing fields, which is why we strongly believe in the value of interdisciplinary pursuits where genetic engineering, bioinformatics and other technologies from various disciplines are used to address needs within the biomedical and bioengineering industries.

In addition to course work, all GBE undergraduate majors conduct independent research projects in molecular biology and biochemistry in a laboratory on campus. This course of study prepares students for graduate studies in molecular biology and biochemistry and related fields, entry into professional schools in medicine or other health professions, or employment in industries (e.g., biotechnology, pharmaceuticals) in which molecular biology and biochemistry skills are in demand. We offer an innovative program that combines a traditional and modern scientific approach to ensure balanced and practical course loads for both undergraduate and graduate level students. The department has eight faculty members that combine molecular, biochemical, genetic, structural, cell biological and engineering approaches to study a broad range of fundamental biological and engineering problems.

Our vision is to ensure that IBU has both a fully trained and maximally experienced team as well as the technologies so that we can be a nationally as well as internationally recognized and renown department.


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